“All Shook Up” – 6 Alternative Impersonators to Dazzle Your Wedding Day

Many Las Vegas Wedding Chapels are “all shook up” after Authentic Brands Group, the company that owns/manages rights to “The King’s” likeness, issued cease & desist orders earlier this week. While the company now claims they’re willing to work with these chapels and impersonators to come to a licensing agreement, that unfortunately means forking out a lot of cash. For some, Elvis may really be leaving the building soon. 


But never fear. Although Las Vegas is most known for Elvis-themed nuptials, it turns out there are many other popular impersonators that couples are already reaching out to lead them into holy matrimony.


We turned to our local expert, Joni Moss of LV Wedding Connection, who has helped thousands tie the knot and renew vows. She gave us the scoop…


“What we’re seeing now is people want to make the wedding an experience, not just a quick 30 minute ceremony.” says Moss, noting that it’s becoming more and more popular to request two officiants.


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Elvis Alternate Wedding Officiants

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the trending officiants.

• David Bowie & Starlight

• Rocky Horror Picture Show

• Chewbacca & Darth Vader

• Darth Vader & Yoda

• Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock

• Big Elvis & Mini Elvis

“Some of these duos may sound crazy, but there is always a reason or a story behind these requests, and it’s important to the couple” adds Moss.

While having an impersonator perform during your ceremony can make for a memorable experience, it’s important to note that not all impersonators are legal officiants.

“There’s two sides to this,” Moss adds “There are many legal officiants who put the costumes on. Then there are actors/entertainers that perform the ceremony but are not legally recognized by the state.”

In the case of the latter, the impersonator can still perform the ceremony, but you would need to hire a legally ordained officiant as a witness and make the ceremony legally binding. Typically, they would not speak during the ceremony except to ask a few questions at the end, or if you prefer, they can take you to a private room to perform the legally binding ceremony before/after.

Those seeking to renew their vows or have a commitment ceremony do not need to worry about having a legally ordained officiant.

Couple Tiffany and Blake in between an entertainer impersonating Slash
A couple kissing Darth Vader presiding over ceremony

Top Left: Tiffiny and Black rockin’ with Slash impersonator

Bottom Left: Beetlejuice married Kasey and Victoria

Top Right: Charles and Jennifer’s Star Wars themed nuptials. 

Bottom Right: A KISS impersonator with Daniel and Sophiee

A wedding couple in between Beetlejuice impersonator officiant
A couple getting married by KISS impersonator

Don’t get “All Shook Up” over destination wedding planning. Experts like Moss will help guide your day for a blissful, calm and most importantly, a fun outcome. For more information you may also visit the official site of the Office of the Clark County Clerk, Nevada here. It’s filled with details to make your day spectacular and offers from Wedding Capital of the World. 

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