Moapa Valley is edged between Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Valley of Fire State Park. Made up of a series of alluring communities—Overton, Logandale, Glendale and Moapa—located 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Offering incredible views, enjoy excursions around Valley of Fire State Park, Logandale Trails and Lake Mead. Boat, hike, fish, climb, and explore the recreational activities Moapa Valley has to offer. Visit Moapa Valley Chamber for additional information.

Visitors of Valley of Fire will be impressed by the gorgeous landmarks such as Elephant Rock, the Seven Sisters, and the Beehives. Nevada’s first state park’s visitor center provides exhibits on the geology, ecology, prehistory and history of the park and nearby region. 

Looking for more nature? Observe birds and dragonflies as you walk through Moapa National Wildlife Refuge on the path that winds through an oasis for an enchanting stroll through a spring and stream system. Hike the half-mile-long Loop Trail to the overlook, and take in the panoramic view of the wildlife refuge, the adjacent Warm Springs Natural Area, and the surrounding mountains.

Take in the small town feel with Moapa Valley’s Clark County Fair & Rodeo and Moapa Valley Days. Check out the Logandale Trails, a multi-use trail system visited and enjoyed by both locals and out of town off-roading enthusiasts, about 62 miles from Las Vegas. 
Explore the Lost City Museum for a peek into the ancient past. Today, the museum presents displays and artifacts, baskets, pottery, weapons, and food, that tell of the valley’s early residents, some of whom were farmers themselves, and how the people mysteriously left the valley about 1150 A.D. 
Feeling more mystery? Head to the historic Ghost Town of St. Thomas, a pioneer settlement starting in 1865 that flooded in 1938 with the construction of Hoover Dam. St. Thomas is visible again since the waters of Lake Mead began receding in the early 2000s. Visit Lake Mead Recreational Area from the Overton entrance.