Two people on the Fire Wave Trail Rocks watching the moon crest over the Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire is LIT – Enjoy a Moonlit Hike

Experience a world of nature beyond the neon. A moonlit night at Valley of Fire is LIT! Taking a moon-lit walk is easy, available to all (we’ve even seen four-legged friends tag along), and a perfect adventure to escape the hustle and bustle of The Strip. So be sure to add at least one extra day onto your Vegas vacy to experience this unique hike. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are on a planet hurtling around a star, and oh how the shining night sky surrounds us.

Valley of Fire Moonlit Events

Valley of Fire is a Nevada State park just 50 miles from the Las Vegas Strip in an area called Moapa Valley. The park typically offers self-guided moonlit hikes from September to May where you can experience a specific trail in the park after dark. Each month offers a new trail to experience. Visiting June through August, the park offers summer sky viewings. Please note, the park typically does not promote the hikes until a couple of weeks before. If you happen to be visiting during a full or new moon check the calendar here or Instagram for details beyond the basics below. You can also email a park rep to answer additional questions.

A moonlit night as the moon crests over the Fire Wave Trail with clouds in the sky and three people in the distance walking with their red lights.
A female shadow on the sand from the moonlit beams of the night at Valley of Fire

Dates and Tips

Here is a list of 2023 moonlit nights and the type of moon that will be popping into the sky. 


February 5 – Full – Snow moon 

February 20 – New – Worm moon

March 7 – Full – Worm moon 

March 21 – New – Pink moon 

April 6 – Full – Pink moon

April 20 – New – Flower moon

May 5 – Full – Flower moon 

May 19 – New – Strawberry moon

June 3 – Full – Strawberry moon

June 18 – New – Buck moon

July 3 – Full – Buck moon

July 17 – New – Sturgeon moon

August 1 – Full – Sturgeon moon

August 16 – New – Blue moon

August 30 – Full – Blue moon

September 14 – New – Harvest moon

September 29 – Full – Harvest moon

October 14 – New – Hunter’s moon

October 28 –  Full – Hunter’s moon

November 13 – New – Beaver moon

November 27 – Full – Beaver moon

December 12 – New – Cold moon

December 26 – Full – Cold moon


  • Arrival times will fluctuate depending on that month’s moon rise, for instance in May 2022 the arrival was 8:30 p.m. and departure from the park was by 11 p.m.
  • Entry fees are paid on your honor at a self-service station – $10 for Nevada residents per vehicle, and $15 for out of state guests per vehicle.
  • No reservation required.
  • Commercial photography is prohibited without a permit.

3 Tips for Your Moonlit Hike

Keep it safe. Stay on the trail. Hike with a partner. Traveling solo? Stay near surrounding groups of hikers. Although chosen trails are not super strenuous, there may not be a clear-cut easy walking path. Take it slow and be alert as you travel over uneven rock. 


Wear smart gear. Be smart about your clothing picks. Close-toed shoes with traction are your friend. Wear layers. Always be sure to check the night’s forecast. Bring water.


Take a light. There is a reason they suggest bringing a red light. While the beautiful glow of moonlit beams shine bright and there are tea lights placed along to guide your path, the extra light helps tremendously, and works better than a cell phone flashlight. Besides, it’s bad night-hike etiquette to blind your fellow hikers with the beam from a headlamp or flashlight. Although, having one handy in case of an emergency is not a bad idea. Another tip – because it is the desert, bring a black light to search for scorpions.

Visit Moapa Valley

There’s more to Moapa Valley than hiking or driving through the Valley of Fire. Here’s a couple of ideas, and heck you might just want to plan an overnighter in the area to squeeze it all in. 





  • Clark County Fair & Rodeo – April 
  • Moapa Valley Corn Maze – October 
  • Pomegranate Festival – November



Pirates Landing – This is the place if you have a gaggle of kids in tow, and are looking for an economical meal.


Cablp – Cris Angel’s Breakfast Lunch and Pizza is one of the newest places to dine. The master magician and performer opened it in 2021.


The Inside Scoop – Go for the old fashioned ice cream dessert. It never disappoints.

A table at pirates landing with a veggie pizza, red flakes and parmesan shakers
A bubblegum pink background and a hand holding a waffle cone with a scoop of mint ice cream.

Tour to Valley of Fire

Some of our travel experts offer unique tours to this state park. Be sure to check our Plan Your Trip section as new member tours are added monthly. 

You don’t want to miss Las Vegas Rock Crawlers (L) crazy jeep antics! But if you are not as adventurous, but want to capture an engagement, wedding or family outing, Photo Tours Vegas (R) might be the right speed.

A drone shot of three jeeps driving over the sand of Valley of Fire.
Photo Tours Vegas

By day or by moonlit nights, Valley of Fire and Moapa Valley are LIT with plenty of excursions to enjoy, making it a perfect day trip destination!

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