First Creek Canyon waterfall surrounded by trees, rock and a pool of water from the fall.

Hiking First Creek Canyon & 3 Post Adventures

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas is a popular desert tourist destination known for the many majestic views offered on its one-way 13 mile scenic drive. Amidst all of the views are miles of hiking trails and campgrounds with equally stunning views of both nature and the city. Red Rock Canyon is considered a state park, and therefore subject to fees and currently requires reservations to enter. However, just outside the official state park there are a few hiking trails that can be enjoyed for free.

Hiking First Creek Canyon

One such trail is First Creek Canyon. This is an easy-moderate trail that is perfect for first-time hikers, families, and is very dog-friendly. Visitors will find that you don’t need a lot of gear (just plenty of water and some sturdy shoes) for this adventure. The first half to about two-thirds of the trail is fairly flat with typical desert landscaping as you make your way back into the canyon. 

LVT First Creek HHGG 1024x730-2

After this, you’ll find an area that contains a bit more lush landscaping with trees, flowers, and bushes. There are many places to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the babbling creek as the water makes its way downhill. While the hiking trail is fairly short, and there’s no need to pack snacks or lunch, there are several spots along the creek that would make for great stopping points to just sit, relax, enjoy a bite and be one with nature. Just be sure to leave no trace. 

Blue sky peeking through an up close shot of a pink flower with green trees framing around and the sun peeking out at First Creek
A creek with a boulder and green shrubs and trees. You can hike the creek area too!

The last third of the hike does have a little bit of an incline, but it is fairly gradual. The trail is mostly well-maintained with markers to keep you headed in the right direction. At the end of the trail there is a little use-trail that leads you to a waterfall. While it can be a little hard to find, those who make it won’t be disappointed! 

For the more adventurous hikers, you can also trek up through the creek (make sure you wear some sturdy water shoes). This requires a lot more careful stepping, sometimes bouldering, and advanced hiking skill. 

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LVT Blog - First Creek-4

Details & Tips

Distance from The Strip

22 miles, approximate

Directions from The Strip

*I-15 South

*Exit NV 160 W/Blue Diamond Rd.

*Turn right onto NV-159 E/Red Rock Canyon Rd.

*In just over 6 miles the trailhead will be on your left. 


No immediate services available near the trail. However, it’s a short drive to amenities such as restaurants, shopping, etc. 

Cell reception

Available, but can be spotty.


This hike takes about two hours to complete, leaving plenty of room for other activities in your day. 

Take the Scenic Route

Head north to Red Rock Canyon State Park and check out the visitor’s center to learn more about the history and geography of the land. Plus, you can also take that beautiful scenic route and then stop for lunch at Cottonwood Station. Cottonwood Valley also offers scenic hiking and mountain biking trails if you want to make it a double header for the day. Then you can take in the beautiful sunset views from the restaurant’s patio. 

A cloudy orange and yellow sunset view from cottonwood station restaurant
LVT Blog - First Creek-6

Play in Pahrump

Once in Red Rock, you’re only about 45 minutes away from Pahrump (and neighboring Nevada Silver Trails Territory) where you can quench your thirst at Desert Cane Distillery, Stonewise Meadery or Pahrump Valley Winery. Simply head south on Red Rock Canyon Rd. to Blue Diamond Rd. and make a right. You’ll be in Pahrump in no time!

LVT Blog - First Creek-7
A walkway to the entry into the Pahrump Valley Winery building flanked by palm and italian cypress trees

Explore Downtown Summerlin

If you’re hungry after the hike, head over to Hash House A Go-Go’s new Summerlin location. Maybe a triple header is in order? Hike-Brunch-Ballgame? The restaurant is right across the street from Las Vegas Ballpark, and for not so sports oriented, Downtown Summerlin shopping.

Hash House a Go Go is know for its large sized chicken and waffles pictured here and perfect for after hiking grub.

No matter what your outdoor adventure style is, the territory has something for everyone! Check out more Things to Do from our travel experts in Las Vegas Territory like foodie, photo, helicopter tours and more.

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