A couple in wedding clothes posing in front of old neon signs in the Neon boneyard at the Neon Museum.

Destination Vegas: from the Glitz of the Strip to Beyond the Neon, Weddings in Southern Nevada Shine

Weddings can be traditional or just off the wall fun. If you are planning nuptials in Southern Nevada, this is for you. Meet the guru of wedding planning, Joni Moss Graham. She has been making smiles happen on the big day in Las Vegas and beyond the neon lights for years. Joni is the owner of LV Wedding Connection and one of our trusted Las Vegas Territory travel advisors. Come on, let’s walk down the aisle of advice with her tips.

Q: Tell Us About LV Wedding Connection

A: We are a wedding destination management company. Everything from A-Z – weddings, proposals, commitment ceremonies and renewal vows. We can do the whole event, or pieces and parts.  

What’s different about us – because we’re in the tourism lane first, we do all the things that go with the wedding such as attractions, show tickets, transportation, etc. We can even line-up babysitters and other services you may need. We become your “go-to” for the whole experience, which allows you to enjoy your big day knowing all of the details are handled.

Wedding expert Joni Moss Graham poses in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. She owns LV Wedding Connection.

Q: Are most of your customers doing destination weddings?

A: Yep – typically all our weddings are destination events, and quite often many are European, as we have an office in Niece, so we host a lot of French weddings.

Q: What pieces of advice would you give to folks planning a wedding in Southern Nevada?

A: There’s something here for everybody. Whatever the vision – indoors or outdoors, adventure, a themed concept… the only real limitation is your imagination. Understanding your vision for your special day will help us make it reality. 

Q: Are most weddings on The Strip?

A: There are a lot of wedding venues on the Strip – including little independent chapels where you can get married by “Elvis”, and most casinos have their own chapels on site. Beyond the Strip, there are so many more opportunities to create the wedding of your dreams. Helicopter weddings, Valley of Fire, Red Rock, renting a houseboat on Lake Mead, a private pod on the High Roller, or a sensory-overload experience at Meow Wolf… the options are endless!

A couple getting married at Valley of Fire - shot includes behind the scenes with videographer tapping the ceremony.

Q: Do you have to have a big budget to have a wedding in Southern Nevada?

A: Not at all, there are all sorts of options for every budget. We have fully inclusive package suggestions on our website for modest budgets up to “the sky’s the limit” budgets. Best of all, our packages include all fees such as tips, booking and resort fees (other than the marriage license), so there are no surprises with the costs.

Q: Any trends you’re seeing now?

A: Absolutely! Outdoor weddings are very popular right now, whether it’s a scenic natural location, or an evening view of the Strip. Southern Nevada has a great climate for outdoor experiences.  

We’re also doing a lot more room décor, as more people are doing proposal experiences. We may set up a proposal event, then when the couple returns to their room, it is decorated to celebrate the proposal!

A room decorated for a girl named Amy celebrating a Vegas Bachelorette.
A room decorated with Casate Commingo - Marry me in Spanish.
A bride in her hotel room with balloons that say Bride to BE.

Q: Can people have weddings at our state parks and National Recreation Areas?

A: Absolutely! Keep in mind that parks require a permit to hold weddings and other events and may include certain restrictions.

Industry Spotlight - LV Weddings Red Rock

Q: What is your favorite restaurant or experience that you suggest to anyone visiting Southern Nevada?

A: On the Strip, the Sinatra restaurant at Encore is an amazing fine dining experience with impeccable food and service. For a unique outdoor experience, a great “wow!” destination is Valley of Fire state park with its beautiful red scenery, plus hiking and exploring!

Q: Any other tips folks planning their wedding should know about?

A: If you’re getting married legally, you must obtain your marriage license from the Clark County Clerk’s Office. You can start the process online, but when you get to town, both parties need to pick up their license in person. European couples may need an additional document called an Apostille to ensure the marriage is legal in their country. 

A couple where the female is jumping up in the arms of the man that just asked her to Marry Me with a giant sign in lights and rose pedals on the floor.

For more Las Vegas planning tips, check out advise from our industry experts and connect with our travel partners: Plan your Trip.

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