A group of ATV's in the desert with a guided tour by Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures.

Destination Vegas: A Stepping Stone to Outdoor Adventure

Are you looking for outdoor adventure in Southern Nevada? Raul De La Cruz, one of our outdoor experts has some ideas for you! 

Q: For those seeking a good time beyond the Strip, tell us about Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures and what kinds of activities folks can do around here?

A: Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures and Bullets and Burgers have several offerings in the great outdoors in Southern Nevada. People can hop on an ATV for a spectacular tour of our desert surroundings, explore our waterways on a kayak, try your skills at an outdoor shooting range, get behind the wheel with off-road racing, get a bird-eye view with a helicopter tour, enjoy a hiking or horseback tour, or experience glamping near the west rim of the Grand Canyon. 

And within each outdoor adventure, the opportunities are endless! At the shooting range, you can fire a machine gun, or a flame thrower, or perhaps you’d like to drive and fire from a tank? Yep, we can do that. Maybe getting behind the wheel of an exotic car and racing through the desert is more your speed? Or how about adding some watersports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing down the river? Literally, whatever you’re seeking to do in our desert backyard, we can make it happen! 

Outdoor Adventure in Las Vegas surrounds you. Raul with headphones on to keep his ears safe from he gunfire at Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures gun range - army jeep in background.

Q: What else can people experience in our beautiful desert oasis?

A: Vegas Jeep Tours and Vegas Sling Shot Rentals offer a unique way to get from one place to the next. With the Jeep tours, you can take your Jeep to a number of off-road experiences, or just zoom around from one place to the next with your personal Polaris Slingshot vehicle (*not for off roading). These options give you more flexibility going from one place to the next, on your schedule.

A female in a baby blue jeep hanging out the door with the desert landscape in the background Photo from Jeep Tours Las Vegas

Q: Should everyone visiting Las Vegas consider including at least one day trip away from the Strip in their itinerary?

A: Absolutely! A lot of people coming into town certainly know Vegas as the Strip, the casinos, the gambling and the partying, but many people are often surprised at the natural beauty our desert landscape offers. There’s a lot more to do here than just the Strip! 

With our outdoor adventure tours, we will pick you up on the Strip and take you to your destination, then bring you back when you’re done. 

Q: Are there any trends you’re seeing when it comes to outdoor adventure?

A: We have so many different things to do outdoors here. We’re seeing more families, as well as couples and groups participating in outdoor activities. One trend I’m seeing is more bachelor and bachelorette parties hopping on a kayak or ATV tour, then heading to the shooting range for a unique experience you won’t get on the Strip. Also, families are enjoying the glamping experience at our location near the west rim of the Grand Canyon, with unique accommodations in covered wagons, tee-pees and tents. This is a great option for folks who want that camping experience, but still enjoy some luxuries that you don’t get with regular camping. With your glamping experience, you can add on an ATV tour, a helicopter tour, or explore on horseback.

Three people riding a horses in the desert.
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Industry Spotlight - Outdoor Adventures Expert Raul DeLaCruz - Kayak tour Las Vegas outdoor adventure

Q: Would you recommend groups pre-plan their outdoor adventures before arriving in Las Vegas?

A: Ideally, yes. Pre-planning your tours helps ensure that you’ll have the best experience possible. We can also provide other accommodations to make sure your day with us will be unique and memorable. We work with small groups, or large. We recently had 150 people on ATVs on the same adventure! That said, we’re often able to accommodate smaller groups who may wait to book their day with us with little advance notice.

A bachelor vs bachelorette party with Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures i

Q: What should people plan on wearing when they explore beyond the neon?

A: We will be exploring the Mojave Desert, so you will get a bit dusty. We also have a variety of desert plants such as cactus and other sharp, pointy things out there, so you’ll want to wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops, sandals or Crocs), as well as jeans and perhaps a long-sleeve shirt, and maybe a hat to keep the sun off you. Most days, you’ll want to also have sunscreen with you, and a bottle of water so your big outdoor adventure day shines.

Q: How many hours a day should people expect for an outdoor adventure?

A: On average, our guests can expect 2 hours on a shorter ATV tour, up to 6-7 hours which would include helicopter, ATV, and horseback all in one day! It’s really up to each group and what they want to do. We can create a memorable experience whether it’s a for a few hours, or all day.

A family in a helicopter during a Las Vegas Outdoors adventure tour.

Q: Are any of these adventures based on seasonality?

A: Most of our adventures are year-round. In the winter months, the water can be a bit chilly, but otherwise, adventure awaits year-round! With our dryer climate, we’ve got plenty of sunshine and blue skies around here all year.

Q: If you could recommend one must-do experience in Southern Nevada, what would it be?

A: It’s worth it to add and extra day or two to any Las Vegas itinerary and get outdoors! Take a break from the casinos and explore beyond the neon. Go for a hike or an ATV tour. You’ll be amazed at everything you can do just minutes away from the Strip! Then you’ll return home with memories of everything Southern Nevada has to offer.

A female with her back to the camera looking out into the desert at Lake Mead National Recreation Area just outside of Las Vegas.

For more Las Vegas planning tips and outdoor adventure, check out advise from our industry experts and connect with our travel partners: Plan your Trip.

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