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Living on the Edge at Adrenaline Mountain

When visiting Las Vegas, you could play it safe on the Strip. You could go see a show on the strip, explore the numerous attractions, dine in celebrity restaurants… Or for the true adventure seekers, you could travel beyond the neon to the desert lands known as Adrenaline Mountain. 

Located just 40 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in Goodsprings, Nevada, Adrenaline Mountain is a 400-Acre outdoor playground for the true thrill seekers. To get there, you have to go off-roading of sorts on an unpaved road for about 2 miles, which is an experience in itself, but once you’re there the real adventure starts. 

There’s so much to do including:

Hit the Trails

UTV/ATV riding… Whether you’re flying solo in a single seater, or driving up to 4 people, there’s a custom UTV/ATV option for you. Once behind the driver’s seat, you will certainly feel the rush as you race through more than 400 acres of trails. From plateaus with beautiful views to steep hill climbs, this experience will take your breath away. While driving an off-road vehicle is more challenging than driving a street vehicle, this activity is suitable for all experience levels. You will have a guide to show you the ropes of driving off-road on their tracks.

Adrenaline Mountain - UTV-2
UTV sitting on Adrenaline Mountain under a blue sky

Pull the Trigger...

on some of the most famous guns from movies such as The Tommy Gun made famous in The Godfather, or The Goldmember from Austin Powers in Goldmember, as well as a range of other shotguns and rifles. Test your skills to hit short and long-range targets, plus upgrade your package to aim for the tannerite targets that will cause an explosion…

The gun attendant holding a tommy gun explaining safety.
A woman shooting the The Goldmember from Austin Powers in Goldmember

Blow up a Car

Literally. Ever wanted to blow up a car like they do in the movies? Now is your chance. They offer a package where you can shoot as many rounds as you need at a car filled with tannerite until you trigger it to blow up.

Throw an Ax

Or a tomahawk, or knives… whatever gets your thrill on.

Smash & Grab...

…to your heart’s content as you maneuver their CAT 320 excavator to move large metal objects, crush cars, and more!

Test Your Archery Skills

Using a standard bow, compound bow or crossbow to shoot at targets at varying distances. 

Drive the “Big Guns”

Flex your big guns as you maneuver one of the World’s Largest Monster Trucks on a custom Las Vegas desert track. While you can’t do flips and crazy moves the professionals do, you will learn how to do donuts and a crab crawl. In addition to the World’s Largest Monster Truck, they also have a monster school bus, and a military vehicle available to drive.

A monster school bus at Adrenaline Mountain in Goodsprings
One of the monster truck silver and black "army" pattern at Adrenaline Mountain

As you can see, there’s no shortage of thrilling activities at Adrenaline Mountain… and our sources say there’s even more to come very soon. Now we know what you’re thinking… this all sounds great, but I don’t have a car to get there, and especially one that goes off-roading. Well, Adrenaline Mountain has you covered. While you can opt to drive there, they offer complimentary shuttle services from your hotel, or you can drive to Pioneer Saloon and they will pick you up from there to escort you to the mountain. Our travel experts can help with transportation, check out the options here

An evening view of the outdoor sitting area with fire pits, hay bale seating and festival lights.

An adrenaline Rush for All

So the next time you find yourself having to plan another bachelor/bachelorette party, friends getaway, family reunion, corporate party, or just want to escape the city by yourself… level up the adventure at Adrenaline Mountain!

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