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4 Ways to Make a Splash in the Mojave Desert

In the heart of the Mojave Desert lies a vibrant playground of aquatic wonders and desert oases waiting to be explored. Las Vegas, with its glittering lights and vibrant energy, is not only a hub for entertainment, but also a gateway to thrilling water adventures and serene landscapes. From the sprawling waters of Lake Mead to the hidden waterfalls tucked away in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Territory offers a myriad of opportunities to make a splash in the desert heat. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrills on the Colorado River, or a leisure seeker lounging by the poolside, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this desert paradise.

Adventure on Aquatic Playgrounds

Whether you’re a fan of thrilling water sports such as jet-skiing, kayaking, and more, or enjoy the peaceful serenity of spending time on a boat, fishing, and/or relaxing lakeside, the Las Vegas Territory has fantastic large aquatic playgrounds. Get ready for a splash!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a man-made reservoir most famously known as the home of Hoover Dam and regularly ranks in the top 10 most visited National Parks and Recreation Areas. With more than 1.5 million acres of land and 12 miles with a surface area of 247 square miles of water to enjoy, there are plenty of access points from which to enjoy an aquatic adventure. North Lake Mead can be accessed from Moapa Valley/Mesquite and South Lake Mead can be accessed from Boulder City and Nelson.

Colorado River

Whether taking a boat or kayak up to the Hoover Dam, or jet-skiing up and down the river in Laughlin, the Colorado River also promises unforgettable water sports experience amidst awe-inspiring natural wonders. You can also make a splash without ever getting in the water by taking a boat tour with USS Riverside, which covers the history of Laughlin while pointing out the sights worth seeing, or traveling on London Bridge Jet Boat Tours from Laughlin to Lake Havasu. Alternatively, unwind at the Big Bend of the Colorado River, a haven in Southern Nevada for picnics, birdwatching, fishing, boating, camping, jet skiing, hiking, and swimming.

Splash Around with our Partners

Didn’t bring your kayak, water skis or want someone to show you the ropes of the area? Reach out to our partners at Evolution Expeditions (left)and Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures (right) to learn more about their guided aquatic tours. 

Plenty of aquatic adventures can also be found at Lake Las Vegas where you can rent paddle boards, boats, kayaks, and more to explore the lake at your own leisurely pace. The area also offers events on a yacht and even a flyboarding experience.

Two yellow kayaks heading down the colorado river.
Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures Splash

Take a Dip in Hot Springs

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is home to two hot springs. On the north end is Rogers Warm Spring & Blue Point Spring. On the south end is the more popular Gold Strike Hot Springs, which requires a bit of a hike through Gold Strike Canyon to get there. On your way you’ll come across plenty of opportunities for cliff jumping, hot pools, grottos, and hot waterfalls as you make your way down the Colorado River. 

Looking for a guided experience to show you all the great places to go? Splash on over to Evolution Expeditions Kayaking Tours and check out the Hoover Dam & Hot Springs kayak tour (pic below).

LVT Splash - hot springs - Evolution Expeditions

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Southern Nevada has its fair share of beautiful hikes amidst the desert landscape, but you may be surprised to know this desert oasis also has its fair share of waterfalls.

Mt. Charleston

In just under an hour’s drive from the Strip, you can find yourself in the lush forests of Mt. Charleston which features many hiking opportunities with stunning views, including majestic waterfalls. The most popular one is Mary Jane Falls, which is more suited for the intermediate hiker as it does feature a steep incline. Big Falls also offers stunning views of a waterfall with a 60 ft. drop, but is harder to access as it is located at the top of a trailless scramble following the creek.

Red Rock Canyon

A bit closer to Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon (pic below) also has its fair share of water features.Hit the trails at First Creek, Lost Creek, or Ice Box Canyon to enjoy a good hike culminating in beautiful views of a waterfall amidst the red rocks for which the canyon is named. While the water typically flows year-round, these creeks and waterfalls are best enjoyed after a good rain or following the wet season when the flows and surrounding life are more lush.

Red Rock Canyon - lower canyon water and clear blue sky.

Stay Cool by the Pool

If lounging poolside is more your style, the Strip has you covered from adult only to party time, relaxation time to family time. Pool season kicks off in March, but visiting outside of this? No worries, Stadium Swim inside Circa Resort & Casino has you covered. Enjoy a fantastic poolside escape year round. With six pools on three levels plus a 40 ft. HD screen to view your favorite events, it’s a true stadium experience. Enjoy swim-up bars, selfie walls, day beds, cabanas, and hundreds of chaise lounges. Splash your way through the day or night with a VIP experience. Rent Water Couches, Poolside Boxes, Cabanas or The Owner’s Suite. 

During pool season you can dive into the action at The Pool at the Plaza, a sprawling 70,000 sq. ft. rooftop oasis with views of Fremont Street Experience. Imagine vintage Palm Springs vibes fused with Downtown Las Vegas flair, featuring pickleball courts for a lively warm-up. Unwind in the pool or lounge in their cabanas and daybeds. Remember, access is exclusive to registered hotel guests, so secure your stay to enjoy the fun!

Stadium Swim at Circa by Night guest in pool watching a fight.
View of Plaza pool with a lone swimmer and vintage 50s vibe waiting on the side of the building

Splash around the Silverstate

If you are looking to get a little out there, splash with Travel Nevada and cruise on through the cyberspace to enjoy even more hot springs hoping’ adventures like the photo below at 12 Mile Hot Spring in Wells, Nevada. Just remember we all play a part in caring for nature and the places we love. Recreate responsibly. Let’s take care of these gifts.

12 Mile Hot Spring in Wells, Nevada man soaking in hot springs with back to camera staring at mountain area.

As the sun sets over the Mojave Desert, painting the sky with hues of orange and purple, the allure of Las Vegas Territory continues to beckon travelers from far and wide. Whether you’ve spent your day chasing waterfalls, soaking in natural hot springs, or lounging by the pool, the memories created amidst the desert landscapes are sure to linger long after you’ve left. So, the next time you find yourself in search of adventure and relaxation, look no further than the Mojave Desert, where every splash tells a story of exploration and discovery in this extraordinary desert oasis. Adventures await. Plan your trip now!

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