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Primm-Jean-Good Springs

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  • Jean 29

Primm-Jean-Good Springs


Located on the Nevada-California border, Primm not only offers the first - and last - taste of gaming to motorists traveling Interstate 15, it also is the home of the Desperado roller coaster.

Primm is a diverse, small town offering gambling, shopping, ATVs, golf and Buffalo Bill's, home to the Desperado Roller Coaster, amongst one of first's tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world.  the roller coaster has a drop off 225 feet and reaches speeds up to 80 miles per hours.  Primm is also known for their fantastic concerts in their 6,500 seat arena, Star of the Desert. 

Enjoy Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas.  This outlet mall features more than 100 retailers in air-conditioned comfort.  retailers include the NIKE, Tommy Hilfiger, Williams-Sonoma Marketplace, Polo Ralph-Lauren and more.

Primm has two golf courses:  Primm Valley Golf, the Lakes course, and the Desert course.  Designed by renowned golf course architect Tom Fazio, both courses are open year round and well kept, with excellent playing conditions.  The courses offer a variety of terrain and water features set against the backdrop of the mountains.

Primm has numerous activities for those wanting to get outdoors.  The adjacent Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed is a popular area for land sailing and kite buggying.  The desert terrain, which includes Joshua Trees, Yucca Trees, Creosote Scrub and nearby mountains, also affords good hiking opportunities.  

There are also numerous wildlife species in the area including the Gila monster, rare desert tortoises, the western diamondback rattlesnake and desert bighorn sheep, among others. Visitors should take precautions to protect themselves from the intense desert sun, as high temperatures average above 100 degrees for most of the summer. 

The northernmost section of the Mojave National Preserve is in the Clark Mountain Range, only about five miles outside of Primm.  Clark Mountain is the highest point in the preserve.  

Good Springs

Goodsprings, named for Joseph Good, whose cattle frequented a spring nestled in the southeastern foothills of the Spring Mountains, was once the heart of the most productive mining districts in Clark County.  Over the years lead, silver, copper, zinc and gold have all been mined from this area.  Goodsprings Schoolhouse was erected in 1913.  Now on the National Register of Historic Places, it is the oldest school in Clark County that was built as a school and still used as a school. Charming and historic Goodsprings offers a living memory of the Old West, just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas.  With its population of about 250, Goodsprings has no traffic, but lots of history!

It is the home of the world famous Pioneer Saloon, where Clark Gable visited after he received word of the death of his beautiful wife, Carole Lombard. Many have said Clark Gable was never the same man.  The Saloon has been featured in many films and shows. There is memorabilia from the Silver Screen to decorate the saloon, including original newspaper clippings.  Visitors will feel a connection to the past when visiting this cultural gem.  And the sandwiches, burgers and steaks are delicious!

Goodsprings has been the location of a number of ghost tours and paranormal television episodes.  The Pioneer Saloon even offers a Haunted Lockdown experience.


Jean is a small commericial town in Clark County located approximately 12 miles north of the Nevada-California state line.  The town was originally named Good-springs Junction.  On June 28, 1905 postmaster George Arthur Fayle renamed it Jean in honor of his wife.  He also built the world-famous Pioneer Saloon in Good-springs.  This is the saloon in which Clark Gable held vigil until receiving word of the death of his beautiful wife, Carole Lombard, in a tragic plane crash.

Built in 1913, the pioneer is known for having wet many a thirsty miner's whistle and is haunted by the same.  It's also known for its patterned tin exterior and interior walls, some resembling bricks.  The Pioneer may be the nation's oldest stampled-metal builidng still standing.  

Jean is also highway to the Historic Tecopa Hot Springs Resort.  Take a luxurious soak in the silky natural hot mineral springs, walk the labyrinth, take in the art gallery and dine at the 5-star bistro, PASTELS.

If the moon is full, take a moon hike or labyrinth walk.  If it's a new moon, enjoy stargazing with the 11" Celstron Telescope and color Mallincam, a video camera that hooks to the telescope and displays the image onto a screen. 

Terrible Herbst is the world’s largest Chevron located near the intersection of Interstate 15 and Goodsprings Road. The 50,000-square-foot commercial travel center will include 96 fuel pumps and the third White Castle restaurant in Southern Nevada.  The center is across from the Gold Strike casino. Nevada gaming regulators approved the sale of Gold Strike to the Herbst family in April 2015. 

The next day breakfast, a morning soak, then a trip to the Shoshone Museum to visit the woolly mammoth, the Dublin Hills where miners used to dwell in caves and much more!  Continue on the loop into Death Valley and Furnace Creek, or tour the Amargosa Opera House, also a great lunch stop.  Worth a visit, too, is the nearby Ash Meadows and Devils Hole. 

On the way back to Las Vegas, stop in Pahrump and take your guests by (or into, depending) the infamous Sherry's Ranch Brothel and Spa.  No visit would be complete without a stop at the Pahrump Valley Winery for fine dining and tasting.  


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