9 Things to See in Nevada, Beyond the Neon

Las Vegas has so much to offer beyond the flashing lights and spinning wheels of its casinos. Whether you’re seeking adventure or fabulous outdoor sights, there is a wide variety of exciting things to see in Nevada. Below are some of our top suggestions.

Childhood Dreams Come True

  • Did you play in the sand with your toy excavator when you were a kid? Did you have a dump truck to transport pebbles across your yard? Imagine the childhood excitement of operating a full-size excavator. You can enjoy that and more at Dig This, America’s first heavy equipment playground (they even have options for kids who are 3 and up).

  • Who didn’t dream of racecar driving while playing with their Hot Wheels? Visit SpeedVegas where you can bring those fantasies to life while driving exotic cars on the longest and fastest racetracks in Las Vegas. SpeedVegas offers on and off-road experiences. Even if driving isn’t your thing, you can still experience the thrill by riding shotgun with a pro.

  • For the train aficionados out there, the ones who built railroads in their childhood bedrooms, Rail Explorers is here for you. Experience the beauty of the Nevada desert, the River Mountains and the Eldorado Valley on a pedal-powered vehicle that rides on real tracks. Make it a date with the sunset railbike ride.

Adventures Await

  • Buckle in and soar through the sky! Flightlinez offers a zipline tour through Bootleg Canyon that’s perfect for thrill-seekers wanting to experience the natural beauty of the region. Take the sunset and moonlight tours to add to this unique experience.

  • For those who want to venture even higher, consider Skydive Las Vegas, the largest and longest-running skydiving facility in Nevada. They specialize in first-time tandem skydives, so there’s no need to worry if this is your first jump.

  • Want to stay a little more grounded? Rocky River Adventure Center offers jet ski and UTV rentals. Explore the Colorado River by water or the Mojave desert by land. Experience amazing scenery and, for an extra challenge, locate and photograph three points of interest to win a prize in the Points of Interest Challenge.

Experience Nature

  • Those who want to experience nature in a more relaxing way should check out Laughlin River Tours. The Scenic Cruise offers a narrated journey while the River Boat Dinner Cruise boasts sunsets and a menu prepared fresh on board.

  • Get up close to nature with Bindlestiff Tours and with its variety of packages, there’s something for everyone. The options of self-driving and private tours ensures group safety with breathtaking outdoor adventures beyond the neon of Las Vegas. 

  • Grab a trail map and head into the nearly 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone in the Valley of Fire State Park. Open year-round and featuring numerous amenities and facilities, you’re sure to enjoy your trip to this beautiful park.

Did we sell you on the vibrancy of rural Nevada yet? You can always find more amazing experiences beyond the neon at Las Vegas Territory