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Tucked into the Spring Mountains, about seven miles west of Jean on State Route 161, is the former mining town of Goodsprings. The sleepy hamlet traces its beginnings to the 1860s, when it was part of a short-lived boom, and hasn't changed much in the last half century.

Today, Goodsprings remains an intriguing reminder of Southern Nevada's past - its unpaved streets and sagebrush hills in sharp contrast with the attractions and gleaming towers in nearby Las Vegas. The most prominent survivor from the town's heyday is the Pioneer Saloon, erected in 1913, which claims to be the oldest and largest stamped metal building (its walls were pressed to resemble bricks) in the country. Check out the saloon's beautiful cherrywood backbar, built in the 1860s, and the display of newspaper clippings that tell the town's history.


Jean is a small commericial town in Clark County located approximately 12 miles north of the Nevada-California state line.  The town was originally named Good-springs Junction.  On June 28, 1905 postmaster George Arthur Fayle renamed it Jean in honor of his wife.  He also built the world-famous Pioneer Saloon in Good-springs.  This is the saloon in which Clark Gable held vigil until receiving word o fthe death of his beautiful wife, Carole Lombard, in a tragic plane crash.

Built in 1913, the pioneer is known for having wet many a thirsty miner's whistle and is haunted by the same.  It's also known for its patterned tin exterior and interior walls, some resembling bricks.  The Pioneer may be the nation's oldest stampled-metal builidng still standing.  

Jean is also highway to the Historic Tecopa Hot Springs Resort.  Take a luxurious soak in the silky natural hot mineral springs, walk the labyrinth, take in the art gallery and dine at the 5-star bistro, PASTELS.

If the moon is full, take a moon hike or labyrinth walk.  If it's a new moon, enjoy stargazing with the 11" Celstron Telescope and color Mallincam, a video camera that hooks to the telescope and displays the image onto a screen. 

The next day breakfast, a morning soak, then a trip to the Shoshone Museum to visit the woolly mammoth, the Dublin Hills where miners used to dwell in caves and much more!  Continue on the loop into Death Valley and Furnace Creek, or tour the Amargosa Opera House, also a great lunch stop.  Worth a visit, too, is the nearby Ash Meadows and Devils Hole. 

On the way back to Las Vegas, stop in Pahrump and take your guests by (or into, depending) the infamous Sherry's Ranch Brothel and Spa.  No visit would be complete without a stop at the Pahrump Valley Winery for fine dining and tasting.